Battles That Changed the World

Magazine design and print for battles that have altered the course of history

Battles That Changed the World


Battles That Changed the World. Following on from the first successful Battlefields Magazine Against All Odds this second edition Battles That Changed the World is about decisive battles that have altered the course of history. This time the focus is on Hastings 1066, Waterloo in 1815 and Stalingrad 1942-3.

Commissioned by Key Publishing and authored by renowned military historian Robert Kershaw to produce this bookazine coving all aspects of design, layout and mapping, both 2 & 3d. The design and layout is clean, fresh and undaunting. Designing and illustrating unique icons for the chapter intro’s allow the reader to follow and help the reader interested in the subject matter.

This one-shot special publication looks at three battles from world history and takes a unique perspective, looking at the role of the men and women involved, tracing the battle, the build up and ultimate outcome, and visits the sites of battles to see what can be seen today with ‘Battlefield Detective’. The publication also features unique 3D animation from which stills have been taken to portray battle progression over a fixed timeframe.

Released by Key Publishing. Battles That Changed the World, September 2012.

Tim Mitchell is my much preferred map illustrator and page designer for numerous magazine and book projects.

The magazine projects, (see examples of the Battlefields Magazine at, have followed taut deadlines. Tim is able to quickly grasp the requirement by virtue of his military background and rapidly assimilate the essentials of schemes we have jointly undertaken. His page design is striking and creative, as can be seen from the example referred to and he has the knack of simplifying military maps to make them intelligible to the uninitiated. He has also assisted in the computer generation of three-dimensional views of iconic battlefields for the magazine

More recently he drew a series of street maps to illustrate my pending book The Street (2014), about one road during the battle of Arnhem in 1944. This required showing a complex street network in simple diagrammatic form to make the sequence of events easily intelligible.

Tim is creative, competent, able to prioritise and a pleasure to work with, I recommend the quality of his work to anyone.

Robert Kershaw – Writer and Director at Media Recall

Battles that changed the World- Cover

Battles that changed the World- Hastings

Battles that changed the World- Waterloo

Battles that changed the World- Stalingrad

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