Britain’s Sea Soldiers 1914-1919

Print design showcasing a record of The Royal Marines during the war 1914-1918

Royal Marines Historical Society


Britain’s Sea Soldiers 1914-1919 was first printed in 1927 by General Sir H E Blumberg, KCB, Royal Marines and is a excellent and detailed account of the Royal Marines during World War One. It is well documented with first hand accounts, tabulated sections of honours and awards complimented with photographs and hand drawn sketches from Jutland to the Zeebrugge Raid.

To redesign this compilation of accounts into a format that gave a greater reading experience in both a hard and soft backed version.

Only a number of original books are in good enough condition, these were used to reproduced all the text content, which in itself was a complex task undertaken by the Royal Marines Historical Society. Once digitally collated the redesign could take place, font selection and the redesign of the all the tables, image enhancement from the original photographs and artworking some of the maps with clearer markers and legends. The further addition of an index gives the reader greater clarity and ease in which to cross reference accounts and personnel listed during the First World War.

The new hard backed version released during the 350th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Marines in 2014, was limited to 350 copies, with the soft backed version following later in the year. Both these versions give readers new access to this detailed period of Royal Marines history.

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Britain's Sea Soldiers 1914-1919

Britain's Sea Soldiers 1914-1919

Britain's Sea Soldiers 1914-1919

Britain's Sea Soldiers 1914-1919

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