Creating a visual identity and digital refresh


Brand refresh & E-commerce Website

LiquidNano™ are a Nano technology company specifically established to bring liquid glass coatings to people for everyday use across many different facets.

The Challenge
LiquidNano™ approached us with their original identity with a number of different regional websites and social channels that had served them during the initial period of operation. The original look and feel of the brand did not fit with the customer appeal and wasn’t being applied across the whole brand. Looking to reach a greater customer base and solidify a consistent look and feel, a refresh of the brand was required.

What we did
Speaking directly to the stakeholders about extending their brand further, we give it greater clarity and flexibility to reflect the direction of the business. Discussions about the identity and brand were centred around the target customer and how people look after their devices. Through questioning and research, the new identity came together with supporting tone of voice through images and supporting the print and digital assets.

The results
The refreshed identity and consistency of their website now gives LiquidNano™ the confidence to take their business to the next level.

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Visit the UK website at LiquidNano™ website.

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