Mick Smirthwaite

Visual identity to reflect a sports massage practice

Mick Smirthwaite Sports Massage Practice

Brand identity

Mick Smirthwaite Sports Massage provides remedial & sport massage treatments and this is a deep manipulative therapy that specialises in the management and repair of the soft tissues of the body.

Commissioned to design a new logo and identity for his sports massage practice. We decided to look at the personal, hands on, direct approach of his physical skill in order to treat the injury, this lead to the development of a visual representation of the body and the key areas that he might treat.

Taking an abstract body shape and defining some radial areas to show the key treatment zones and the indication that his skill is about the physical transfer of pressure to those areas.

The new brand elements and logo are to be used across all related material both print and web.

“Tim, from the outset has been more than helpful, by taking my basic idea on how I would like the logo to look, he came up various options for me to take on board narrowed it down to one and after numerous phone calls and emails came up with a logo which encompasses my sports massage practice. More than happy, the service was first rate, Tim is very approachable, punctual and extremely reliable. I could not recommend him enough. Thank you Tim”

Mick Smirthwaite

Mick Smirthwaite logo

Mick Smirthwaite logo letterhead

Mick Smirthwaite logo letterhead

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